Getting started

scias_latex.pdf macrosMAA.tex std.cls ifpdf.sty
make latgv executable by entering chmod +x latgv
make lbllgv executable by entering chmod +x lbllgv
For presentations (slides) use slatgv instead of latgv

LaTeX Symbol List LaTeX FAQ page


documentation gzipped executable (for Linux only)

Journal class files

Elsevier journals preprint: elsart.cls Elsevier single-column journals: elsart1p.cls Elsevier two-column journals: elsart3p.cls elsart5p.cls
Elsevier instructions: instructions-num.pdf
Elsevier template: template-num.tex

Including graphics



in the preamble. If you want to create a postscript (.ps) file (so you are using dvips or latgv), your graphics files must be encapsulated postscript (.eps) files. If you want a PDF file (so you are using pdflatex), the graphics files must not be EPS files - they can be anything else, but PDF is probably the best choice for anything except photos. If you want to include a photo (with no text), include it as a JPEG file. Sometimes pdflatex gives the error 'reading JPEG image failed'. This can be fixed by using the program jhead as follows

jhead -de image.jpg

If you have a graphics file with a basename of foo (e.g. foo.eps, foo.jpg) you should use something like


to include it. Then latex will automatically look for foo.eps and pdflatex will look for foo.jpg or any other foo file (except foo.eps).

If you want to convert an EPS file to a JPEG file use eps2jpg - this gives much better results than convert foo.eps foo.jpg. [After downloading remember to make the script executable by entering chmod +x eps2jpg] To convert the file use

eps2jpg foo.eps

or to convert all the EPS files in the directory use

eps2jpg *.eps

The original EPS files will not be deleted. The jpg files it creates are 'high quality' which means they can be quite large. If you want smaller (lower quality) files, you can specify the resolution using the -d option (the default resolution is 600). For example, try

eps2jpg -d 300 foo.eps if you need a smaller file.

BibTeX style files

unsorted compact: ucmpct.bst
Elsevier journals: elsart-num.bst
Annals of Combinatorics: ac.bst
Physics Letters A: pla.bst
ScienceAsia: scias.bst
for use with natbib (author-year style):
University of Warwick thesis: uwthesis.bst
Journal of Plasma Physics: jpp.bst \bibpunct{(}{)}{;}{a}{}{,}
Ecological Applications: ea.bst \bibpunct{(}{)}{,}{a}{}{,}
Conservation Biology: cb.bst \bibpunct{(}{)}{;}{a}{}{,}


mspell: checking spelling

[last update: 12th September 2004]

xpst: software for producing simple diagrams for LaTeX

[last update: 9th September 2008] xpst guide xpstGuide.pdf

muthesis.cls: class file for Mahidol MSc/PhD theses on Linux/Unix

(version 0.525 [2nd March 2010] -- amsmath included) muthesis.cls guide

[If you are re-installing, make sure that your thesis is not called muthesis_template.tex or muthesis_example.tex as these files will be overwritten when you unpack the tar file.]

To install, download muthesis.tar.gz to your home directory, and then type


tar xvfz muthesis.tar.gz

cd muthesis

and then follow the remaining instructions in the README file. If you have a directory where latex looks for files (this might be called LaTeX) then it is easiest if you move muthesis.cls to this directory.

The tar file now also contains a class file for the front page of a Mahidol thesis proposal and an example file (mupropfp.cls and mupropfp_example.tex).

You should also have gv and acroread installed: gv-3.5.8-18.7x.i386.rpm AdobeReader_enu-7.0.1-1.i386.rpm

Note: since version 0.40 there has been a change in the way to create the acknowledgements and abstracts. Instead of using \begin and \end you have to put the acknowledgements, etc. inside

This is so that the new draft mode can work. See the example and template files for further details.

Since version 0.42 you can now use natbib with BibTeX, but this must be included as an option, not as a package (see the template file for more details).

For your own thesis you should make a copy of muthesis_template.tex (and call it, for example, thesis.tex) and then fill in the blanks (and remove the comments if you like).

For problems with Thai encodings (muthesis.cls requires TIS-620) use thaiconv to convert from UTF-8 to TIS-620.


If your presentation does not use pstricks then you can create a pdf file directly using

pdflatex filestem

but you will need to use the class file seminarMAA.cls

Otherwise, prepare your .ps file in the usual way and then use
ps2pdf -sPAPERSIZE=a4
to convert it to a .pdf file. It is important that you have a version of ghostscript that is later than 6.4. You can check this by entering
ghostscript --version

The second method gives poorer quality results for equations.

anscse.cls: class file for papers in the Annual National Symposium on Computational Science and Engineering (ANSCSE)

(version 0.14 [15th February 2006])

To install, download anscse.tar.gz to the directory in which you wish to run latex, and then type

tar xvfz anscse.tar.gz

Look at the example to see how to use it and then make a copy of the template to use for your own paper.

cstt.cls: class file for papers in the Congress on Science and Technology of Thailand (CSTT)

(version 0.12 [23rd August 2003])

To install, download cstt.tgz to the directory in which you wish to run latex, and then type

tar xvfz cstt.tgz